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It was only finger tight! : Vlog_005


Here is a quick look at a fun day we had with the Cherokee.
It starts out with me taking the Jeep Cherokee over to my friends house to take a look at a few leaks it has going on.
We take a look at the power steering lines and try to tighten them up a bit. Next we turn our attention to the transmission pan. It seems to have a good leak going on as well.
We finish off with an entertaining trip to the car wash, where we attempt to clean off the engine.

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Installing 242 transfer case

How to install a 242 transfer case in a Jeep Grand Cheorkee. Here are the steps I went through to install the rebuilt 242 transfer case with the swapped input shaft from a 249 transfer case. We start by placing the 242 transfer case on a jack to lift it into place. The transfer case weighs close to 90 pounds, so it’s a good idea to have a buddy help you lift it into place. Once you have it positioned and the input shaft engaging the transmission, it’s just a matter of placing a few of the transfer case mounting bolts to hold it in place. Some of these transfer case mounting bolts can be very difficult to reach. I cover how I accessed them better in this video: How to remove transfer case.

Once it’s in position, I show attaching the speed sensor, shift indicator, vent, and other parts necessary for the transfer case swap.
Be sure to check out my video on comparing the 249 to 242 transfer case:

Here’s my video on removing the input shaft from the 249 transfer case:

Here’s a great video of rebuilding a 242 transfer case:


I am not a certified mechanic, just a hobbyist who enjoys working on Jeeps. Thanks for watching JeepSolid. Your best choice for jeep repair videos!

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