Pinion seal replacement: Jeep Wrangler pinion seal dana 35 rear axle

Process for the home mechanic to replace a pinion seal. In this video I replace the rear differential pinion seal on a 1994 Jeep Wrangler YJ. The rear axle is a Dana 35. I am not a certified mechanic, just a hobbyist hoping to help others out with my videos. This one in particular was a huge pain to edit for some reason. Video editing software was giving me issues. hahaha, but got it figured out, so… enjoy!!

Universal joint replacement: U joint Jeep Wrangler

This is how I replaced the rear drive shaft U joint on my 1994 Jeep Wrangler. This was the U joint near the tranny with a 3.5″ yoke. As you can see in the video the needle bearings were completely worn out. Hope this helps you out. Keep on Jeepin”!!